Testogen Reviews: A Dependable Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is one of the many things that differentiate a man from a woman. It is the male hormone responsible for developing male reproductive tissues such as the prostate and testes as well as growing male sexual characteristics such as body hair, muscle mass, voice, etc.

In other words, it is an essential element of our body. There is no way we can even imagine living without it.

But the problem is that some men face issues related to low levels of testosterone in their bodies. And this is not a very comfortable situation. I am sure you can imagine the kind of stress you would have if you got to know that your body isn’t carrying enough male hormones!

What If I Have Low Testosterone?

If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you’ll want to do is reach for supplements that provide this hormone to your body.

But let me talk you out of it for the following reasons. These supplements may seem perfect at first, but what you would completely remain unaware of are the subtle side effects they would have on you:

  • Loss of Hair
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Heart Disease
  • Acne

And these are only to name a few.

However, this is not the end of the world. There are all-natural testosterone boosting supplements for men that offer comparable results but without significant side effects. In this Testogen review, you will get details about the Testogen product and how it helps men get back their lost body energy.

What Is Testogen?

Testogen is a supplement, a male hormone (Testosterone) booster that will help you with the essentials that your body needs. It is made of all-natural ingredients and therefore does not cause any harm to you or your body.

The company behind this amazing product is Wolfson Berg Limited. According to Wolfson, Testogen can provide you with the following dream benefits:

  • Help your body produce more testosterone
  • Increase your rate of recovery between workouts
  • Burn fat and build your muscles
  • Elevate your sex drive
  • Help you achieve stronger and harder erections
  • Help you get better sleep
  • Improves your stamina and leaves you with more energy

Now, imagine your life with all these improvements. Impressive?

Don’t get carried away and read further. Because these male supplements are all about what they are made of, it is important for you to understand what you are feeding your beloved body.

The Ingredients

Let us look at what all goes into the making of a Testogen pill:


This ingredient helps your body absorb nutrients that you would otherwise miss out on. It will also provide you with the nutrients that Testogen has to offer.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is the most important component of Testogen. It is crucial because it’s an amino acid that helps your body to work with testosterone and increase it. This ingredient is common to all testosterone boosters out there.

It also increases your strength and endurance so that you have more stamina. And not to mention, your libido will also improve with D-Aspartic Acid.


We all know how crucial the mineral Magnesium is for our bodies. It helps you to restore your testosterone levels whenever there is a deficiency. Studies have proved that men who consumed more magnesium over 4 weeks also noticed an increase in their testosterone levels. Isn’t that great?

Panax Ginseng

This ingredient sounds fascinating. That is because the name “Panax” comes from the Greek language where it means “something that heals everything”. The presence of this ingredient in Testogen means it would help you increase your sex drive, take care of erectile dysfunction problems and help you achieve overall satisfaction with sex.


Fenugreek is another magical ingredient that goes into the making of Testogen. It has the surprising ability to reduce fat, increase testosterone levels, and provide you with enough stamina and strength for the workout.

Tribulus Terrestris

This has been used for centuries as an extremely powerful libido enhancer. Not only that, but it also helps with erection issues due to the circulatory properties that also come with it. Testogen includes a huge 300 mg dose of Tribulus.​


One of the most powerful natural compounds. Oysters are known as an aphrodisiac because they’re high in zinc. Zinc is a great libido enhancer. Second, zinc has been proven to not only increase testosterone but also preserve it. Zinc also inhibits the production of testosterone, killing estrogen. Finally, zinc keeps your sperm healthy.


A natural trace mineral found in soil, it has a number of properties that help the bodywork properly, including increasing sperm motility and boosting the effects of antioxidants, which are critical for getting those unhealthy toxins out of your body. It has also been known to help lower high blood pressure.

Vitamin D

It literally regulates hundreds of functions in the body. Multiple studies show that men who have low testosterone are also Vitamin D deficient. Increase your Vitamin D, and you will increase your testosterone and receive all the cascading benefits that come along with increased testosterone-like increased sex drive and stronger erections that last longer.

Vitamins B2, B5, and B6

These vitamins work in two powerful ways. One way is that they increase the rate of testosterone synthesis. The other way is that they are very good at decreasing the production of estrogen. Estrogen kills testosterone and it’s also the cause of symptoms like loss of sex drive and difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

Is Testogen For You?

I say this supplement is good for any man. You need this pill for two main reasons:

  • You are having sex and want to improve it and give an unforgettable experience to your partner.
  • You have just turned 18 and dream of flaunting a fabulous physique.

If you find yourself craving for any of the above, then Testogen is perfect for you. However, I must also remind you to have realistic expectations. This might be a very useful pill for amping up your sex life, but it is not going to happen overnight.

What Else Should I Do?

Simply taking pills won’t help. Alongside that, you must make some improvements to your lifestyle, such as:

Drastic changes to your routine

Do you follow a routine or live life without any order? Because, if you don’t have a proper routine, your body will be impacted. It goes on a path of unhealthiness, and obviously, that is not something you want.

So, prepare a plan and follow it every day. You should have a properly defined time for sleeping, working out, eating, working, etc.

Watch What You Eat

Yes, your food habits can make or break your body! After all, you become what you eat. Pay attention to everything that you feed your body, and soon you will start noticing positive changes.

Your health, stamina, strength, and body mass would improve. You will own your improvements.


Masturbation is a good idea. But it does long-term harm to your body. Try to realize the fact that you are already low on testosterone, and so, you must not waste your male hormones any further. Preserve the semen in your body and witness the ultimate masculinity in yourself.

Workout Regularly

Again, working out is a good habit and you should develop it. Your body is like your baby. Work on it and it will grow to make you proud.

Fix a time on your calendar for your exercise routine and stick to it. If you have a hard time starting, do so by following the Kaizen philosophy.

How Should You Take Testogen and For How Long?

Although Testogen is made up of only natural ingredients, you must not take an overdose to get the benefits faster. That won’t work and may even backfire.

Instead, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s advice given on their website. You must take four pills a day before you have your breakfast and take a break of 1.5 weeks after two months of taking the capsules.

As for the results, remain very thoughtful about your routine, exercise, diet, and the regular dosage of Testogen. If everything goes right, you should notice an enhanced libido after a couple of weeks. But other changes such as testosterone levels, body mass, etc., will take at least 4-6 weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

This is an all-natural ingredient formulation, so you won’t have any of the negative side effects or health risks that you get when doing testosterone replacement therapy, which is completely different than taking a natural testosterone booster. Testosterone replacement means you’re getting injected with someone else’s or synthetic testosterone, and that’s totally different than giving your body what it needs to produce more of its own healthy testosterone naturally.

Testogen Before And After

The Pros

  • 10 proven & powerful ingredients
  • Potent dosages
  • All ingredients and dosages are listed; no proprietary blends
  • The best pricing packages among premium-level testosterone boosters
  • 300 mg of Tribulus Terrestis for extra libido and erection power
  • No negative side effects
  • 100% Money Back Guaruntee

The Cons

  • It can only be purchased through the Testogen website

Where to Buy Testogen?

Never purchase such products from third-party vendors or even online stores. Only trust the official website and purchase from there.

Here are the Testogen package costs:

  • One bottle for $59.99 – The bottle contains 120 capsules, which would last you a month. In other words, each capsule costs about $0.49, which is not bad for what it brings to the table for you, right?
  • Two botles and one free for $119.99 – This will last you for three months, and the price for one pill drops to $0.33. Even better.
  • Three bottles and two free for $179.99 – This is the best offer on the website. The average price per pill here is $0.29 and the extra goodies alongside make for a very good deal.

Testogen ships with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Can you believe this? The manufacturer is so confident about the effectiveness of its product that they don’t care about two monthly money-back guarantee plans.

This means that if even after two months of consuming this pill you don’t notice a considerable change in your testosterone levels and sex drive, then you are free to get your money back.

Testogen Review – Summary

If you are a man, you must possess all the manly traits. I am sure you are highly successful and charismatic, but these are externally controllable. What you can’t improve in yourself are the levels of your male hormones, for which Testogen is there for you.

Think no more, because I feel this could be the only missing ingredient in your perfect life.

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