5 Best Penis Pumps in 2021: My Honest Review

Be comfortable in your skin – that’s the prevalent social mantra sweeping the world. A 2014 survey found out that it’s the leading quality (39 percent) of what it means to be a “man.”

But the unfortunate truth is, men everywhere are sensitive when it comes to the size of their penis. A research study discovered that 50 percent of men were willing to trade up for a bigger package. And although not everyone is willing to admit it, we’ve all thought about having a larger member at some point.

Can you blame us though? Porn has implanted the idea of ‘the bigger, the better’ firmly in our brains. You need a long, thick penis and a lasting erection to create an impression, stay confident, and achieve a sense of victory in the bedroom. 

And nobody is immune to the notion. So, no matter how confident or practical a guy is, he’s not willing to disappoint his partner with the size of his manhood.

Even if a man’s penis size varies between average (66 percent) and large (22 percent), different factors can hinder the sexual experience. Some of the common culprits include:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Poor dietary pattern
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue

If that’s not all, almost 30 million men in the US under 65 years of age have erectile dysfunction. Most never disclose this problem. Sure, they’ll look it up on the Internet, but it’s more of an afterthought than a serious attempt to rectify the health issue.

Here are some words of advice: Come to terms with it and fess up. That’s the first step towards seeking help. And help is a lot more accessible than you think. If the title hasn’t tipped you off yet, here’s what we’re talking about – penis pumps.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, a penis pump! That’s just another sex toy, right?” Well, yes and no. Sure, penis pumps have been a popular tool for sexual pleasure since the swinging ‘60s. But they are much more than that.

Compared to other solutions available on the market, including natural pills, surgical procedures, and drugs, penis pumps present a safer alternative. After all, going under the knife can be scary, especially when your genitals are concerned. Plus, not all men are comfortable with the thought of gulping down powders and tablets.

In comparison, a penis pump does not involve any knife- or drug-related treatment. It is effective for combating the symptoms of mild erectile dysfunction, and most importantly, it has the potential to increase your penis size.

What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Penis pumps, also known as vacuum erection pumps or vacuum pumps, contain a tube that encases the male organ. A seal or ring sits around the base of the penis while a vacuum pack sucks out the air from the tube, prompting an erection.

I found two kinds of penis pumps during my research – battery-powered and hand-operated. Both work wonders for men who have trouble getting or maintaining an erection by reversing atrophic effects and pulling blood flow into the genitals. Use it for enlargement, increasing your erection by one to three inches and your girth by 25 percent.

Given that one out of four men under age 40 experience erectile problems, this item could prove beneficial. 56 to 67 percent of penis pump users attest to the effectiveness of this apparatus. It sure beats swallowing ED pills that often produce negative side effects, such as blurry vision, fainting, and headaches.

During my research, however, I came across hundreds of different kinds of penis pumps. And frankly, dear reader, I was overwhelmed. Some didn’t even look legitimate. But fear not! To save you the trouble, I combed through all the product details and specifications and finally narrowed it to five options.

Know the Top Penis Pumps

Being a guy myself, I can relate to the trepidation most men might feel at the very thought of attaching a device to their private parts. That’s why I tried to do my best possible work when whittling down the suggestions for this list. I scoured numerous blogs, reviews, testimonies, and articles so that I could present you with the best of the best.

My goal was to pick the best products on the market that stand out for their effectiveness at the most affordable prices. I carefully eliminated hundreds of products, based on the credibility of the manufacturer, the price of the apparatus, and the satisfaction of the customers.

Still, you should bear in mind that specific results depend on a combination of different contributing factors, and the outcomes can vary from one person to another. So, if a particular product on this list doesn’t perform as per your expectations, feel free to try the next penis pump.

Also, remember to consult your doctor before trying out the penis enlargement device. They are the best judge of your physical condition and should be able to tell you if there’s any medical reason in your records that prohibits you from using it.

Top 5 Best Penis Pump Reviews in 2021

Without further ado, check out the kits below along with their features and advantages:

Bathmate Hydro7

Launched in 2006, Bathmate has become the #1 best-selling penis pump brand with a global customer base in the millions. The company’s first product – the Bathmate Hydro7 – was a runaway success and introduced users from more than 70 different countries to the world of penile wellbeing and health.

The product still continues to be a bestseller for Bathmate and for good reason. Featuring Bathmate’s innovative water system, this gentle but effective penis pump helps men regain their confidence and virility by increasing the length and girth of their penis. Erections also last longer.

When you purchase the Hydro7 from Bathmate, expect the following features:

  • Greater penis length and girth
  • Boost in stamina levels
  • Improved erection quality

The Hydro7’s unique design has garnered a lot of acclaim from consumers over the years and has spawned numerous knock-offs on the market. But the scammers have yet to replicate the actual technology, thanks to the sophisticated engineering by the company’s biomedical engineers.

This is the ideal product if you’re new to the world of penis pumps and have a penis between 5 and 7 inches long. It’s easy-to-use, affordable, and comes with a warranty. There’s also a 60-day Money Back Guarantee if you’re having second thoughts about the product (which isn’t likely)!

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

Another Bathmate product on this list, the HydroXtreme7 represents the next generation of penis pumps that can help men everywhere combat weaker erections and erectile dysfunction, and even increase their penis size.

This vacuum pump erects the male organ and sustains it for a considerable time. The handball attached to this device makes it easier to handle this device compared to other male enhancement products.

This high-end penis pump from Bathmate represents the best of the best. So look for cutting-edge features in this model like:

  • There are zero risks of penile injury since the water is used to create a vacuum or suction.
  • The handball unit offers a hassle-free user experience and added convenience.
  • The proportional water and vacuum displacement help users achieve a faster erection once the water begins to pump out.
  • Manual pumping of water is unnecessary; simply squeezing the handball does the trick.

Certified by Aspen Clinical Research, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is suitable for users who measure between 5 and 7 inches when erect. The product is manufactured using SkinSafe grade plastic material. Experienced penis pump users can use this kit for superior genital workouts, while new users can easily personalize their routine, starting slowly to create lasting benefits for sexual confidence, size, and erection quality.

I recommend using the apparatus for 10 to 15 minutes every day initially. Also, sneak in 5 extra minutes with your exercise sessions, and see the drastic improvement for yourself! Customers also get a two-year warranty as well as a Money-Back Guarantee.


Penomet occupies a unique position on this list, being the only industry-certified vacuum pump. This user-friendly, potent, and fully functional water-powered penis pump guarantees penis enlargement. Use the device for just 15 minutes each day and see the size of your sex organ go up by 1.5-2 inches and the thickness by nearly 30 percent.

The standout features of this penis enlargement kit include:

  • Increased sexual vigor
  • Better quality of erections
  • Reduction and prevention of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Reversal of the negative symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Penomet is scientifically proven to create an artificial erection. You may also use this hand stroke vacuum pump to ward off erectile issues plaguing your bedroom. My research also uncovered that many men use Penomet as a workout tool for their organs.

Manufactured and marketed by Iceland-based Arctic Sea Limited, this product boasts thousands of satisfied customers. And it makes sense given all the years of research studies and customer feedback that went into painstakingly developing the perfect penis pump design. It is now one of the most recognizable penis pumps worldwide and is recommended by various medical professionals for treating erectile dysfunction.

The USP of this male enhancement tool is the interchangeable Gaiter system. This miraculous setup puts the user in charge of controlling and increasing the pressure applied while expanding the penis. I believe such a scalable process offers a great deal of flexibility to sex toy connoisseurs and newbies alike.

The lack of side effects is another point in favor of this product. My research unveiled three different variations of Penomet on the market:

  • Standard
  • Extreme
  • Premium

The standard model features a 70 Gaiter while the midrange Extreme package includes a 65-70-75 Gaiter. The big daddy of them all – the Premium package – features a 60-65-70-75-80 ExtremeForce Gaiter. However, all three variants come bundled with the Penomet Pump Version 3.0, a printed booklet containing usage instructions, and a digital exercise guide handbook. The discreet packaging does not disclose the contents.

The manufacturers trust this product to meet or even exceed the expectations of their customers. That’s why they offer a three-year warranty on the product along with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Bathmate HydroMax7

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Is this a sponsored post? But trust me when I tell you that I want the absolute best experience for my readers. And, after days of scouring the Internet for the finest penis pumps money can buy, I arrived at one conclusion – Bathmate knows what they’re doing!

The HydroMax7, for example, has been on the market for over six years, but it still sells like hotcakes. If your penis measures roughly 5 to 7 inches fully erect, then you can’t go wrong with this excellent product.

The unique water-to-vacuum technology in this product helps improve your erection quality, gradually increases the penis size, boosts your confidence levels, keeps you hard for longer, and helps you achieve an erection within just 5 to 10 minutes of use.

When it comes to unique features, the HydroMax7 has quite a few notable ones:

  • Superior build quality, comprising of high-grade polycarbonate plastic.
  • Clinically studied and certified by Aspen Clinical Research for product safety.
  • It gives your penis a rigid workout.
  • It delivers 35 percent more vacuum or power compared to its competitors.
  • Include a one-way valve at the top for pressure regulation.
  • The cushioned bellow uses high-quality rubber to improve control over vacuum build-up.

Using the product daily for 8 to 10 weeks permanently alters the length and girth of your penis.

The packaging is discreet, and the product features a warranty and a money-back guarantee. 92 percent of users have reported satisfactory results with this penis pump.

VaxAid V30

The VaxAid V30 rounds out our list, and this advanced vacuum pump is just the thing the doctor ordered to make sexual congress with your partner all the more fulfilling. Get ready to experience intense, long-term erections and gradual penile enhancement.

The product features a comfortable seal on the pelvic seat while the lube is swapped out for water and offers a pleasant, cushioning effect. The VaxAid V30 increases blood flow to the penis, which expands erectile tissue for strong erections, and assists nutrients and oxygen in reaching and feeding the penile cells, fibers, and muscles.

Vacuum therapy mainly focuses on treating erectile dysfunction problems. The two-in-one kit harnesses the power of water to increase organ size and air to create quick erections. Penis rings of three different sizes are included in the kit, and they are usable with both air and water.

I would recommend getting the deluxe package since you get a plethora of important accessories alongside the product, including a towel, a cleaning foam brush, a manual guide, an instructional DVD, a medical-grade lubricant, and a discreet carry case.

Should You Invest in a Penis Pump?

A review of ED treatments in America compared various research studies and found that penis pumps produced a proper erection for sex in more than 90 percent of men. What’s more, 69 percent continued to use the device for a minimum of two years, with just 31 percent stopping. Out of a hundred respondents, 68 percent claimed to be satisfied with the performance of the pump.

If that’s not enough to convince you, my research also uncovered that a penis pump works for most men who have erectile dysfunction. The devices encourage blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. When medicine fails, penis pumps are the next best thing. According to the British Society for Sexual Medicine, penis pumps are extremely effective at inducing erections no matter what the cause is behind your erectile dysfunction.

For the pièce de résistance, I urge you to look at the 2013 study which found evidence that penis pumps to aid in recovery after radical prostatectomy. Vacuum erection devices successfully treat ED caused by this surgery, especially when the treatment involves the use of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors.

However, – and I can not stress this enough – no matter which device you choose, make sure it is a genuine product. Most of the time, the demand for penis pumps is so high that scammers and disreputable sellers lure in newbies with disappointing items. You don’t want to end up with a pump that offers half-baked results. So, buy from trusted sellers to avoid getting ripped off and pissed off.

Judging from the thousands of testimonies I found on the Internet, penis pumps are safe, practical, and efficient when it comes to inducing a satisfactory, long-lasting erection. Considering the low price of these devices, it’s worth investing in one. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose but stand to gain a mind-blowing, pleasurable sex life.

Concluding Remarks

If you’re one of the 45 percent of men unsatisfied with their penis size or want to improve your sexual performance, know that you’re not alone. You might be in a blissfully happy relationship with your partner, but the sensation of having a bigger-than-average dick feels like a million bucks.

Personal experience has taught me that even women who tell you that your dick size doesn’t matter will gasp in pleasure when you push your tumescent cock into her. All you need to do is have the confidence that you’ll impress any girl. And this confidence impacts your daily life as well.

Thankfully, plenty of companies are vying to be the one that produces the most comfortable penis pump. They realize no customer will risk strapping on a device to his dick if it’s ineffective or unsafe.

Your goal of making a girl scream your name in the sack out of intense pleasure is no longer a wish-fulfillment. Penis pumps can make it a reality. So get pumping to rock both you and your partner’s worlds!

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