Firefox 5 Launch Update

    Firefox 5

    Launch Update

    • Mobile
    • Desktop
    • Add-ons Builder and SDK
    • PR + Messaging
    • Launch day rundown
    • Getting Involved

Launch Plan


    June 21st

    Desktop, Mobile, and Add-on Builder / SDK

    Feature vs. Release Driven


Themes & Features: Momentum, Innovation, User Control

  • Millions of downloads, downloaded in 159 countries, 14 languages and counting
  • Rapid Release
  • First mobile Web browser to offer DNT
  • Over 20 featured add-ons within our growing gallery
  • Perf improvements

What Will It Look Like?

  • Taking online marketing to a whole new level (Jul kick-off)
  • Ongoing site optimzation effort
  • Firefox Gone Mobile in London, SF (Jun)
  • Touch Events Dev Derby (Aug)
  •, MDN content updates
  • Themes and Features: User Control and Innovation

    • More than 1,000 improvements in this release
    • DNT in the Privacy Pane
    • 3D HTML5 Video with NVIDIA
    • CSS Animations
    • Add-On Builder and SDK release
  • What will it look like?

    • No more version numbers!
    • Mark Up launch and campaign through mid July
    • updates and improvements
    • Continue to push our users to 4.0+ through Web Hero Upgrade Campaign and 5.0MM+ Direct Realtionships
    • Potential NVIDIA 3D, HTML5 Video Campaign
    • Community contributed demos through MDN's Demo Derby and conferences
    • Developer Engagament is updating all our Developer resources on MDC, MDN etc for the release
    Add-On Builder and SDK
    • Value Proposition

    • Really easy to build awesome add-ons using HTML, CSS and web technologies
    • More Developer Tools and Resources
    • What will it look like?

    • New Builder Visual Assets and Site Updates
    • Announcements and Blogs
    • How-to and overview videos
    • Outreach to 10,000+ Add-On developers
    • Builder-specific Developer events coming in Sept

      Rapid release

      High-level themes (innovation & user control)

      Locking down final messaging this week

      Press outreach

    Launch Day Timeline
    • Timing: Approximately 7:00 a.m. PDT

    • Air Mozilla: Will kick off pre-launch and give glimpse of efforts that went into rapid release. Note your requested speakers here.

    • Blog post live

    • Twitter + Facebook posts pushed

    • Note to marketing list sent

    • Newsletter sent in German + English during day

    Get Involved
    • Email

      • Sign up for our email newsletters and announcements -
      • On launch day, after you've received the email, forward the announcement to one friend.
    • Blog Announcement

      • Localize and repost Mozilla Blog announcement.
      • Will be shared on Basecamp pre-launch. [Don't have an account? Ping mary at mozilla dot com]
    • Track Coverage + Activities

      • Collect blog posts, news coverage and more.
    Getting Involved
    • Questions? Want to help?

      • Find fellow Mozillians in #marketing on or joing