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Your First HTML5 Mobile Game

What do we mean when we say "HACK"?

Why make HTML5 Mobile games & apps?

Which would you choose?

WHY should you choose?

What if you could create a game that would work on any device?

and you didn't have to ask permission?

HTML5 Mobile Games:

Anyone can participate or innovate using well-known, open web technologies without asking permission from others.

You can see the code others create and understand it, remix it and make something new.

The web is made up of components that are like Lego building blocks...

...that let you make an infinite number of things.

The world of the web encourages remixing to make new things because that is how it is built.

Why should you
know how to code?

Could you imagine being able to read but not write?

Knowing how to read and write code allows you to turn your ideas into games and apps to share with others and make a difference.

We're going to start with existing code. We'll examine it, remix it, and make our own custom card matching game.

Where does this code come from?

Let's get started!!

Thank You!!!

Todays Volunteers:

Margaret, Larissa, and Amy


Chris Heilmann

Mozilla Taiwan

Demo Time