Contributor Engagement Townhall
No/So America
Feb 3, 2011
Our Purpose
What we strive to do everyday

To inspire and empower individuals and communities to participate in and contribute to Mozilla.

Who we serve
  • Individuals like yourself that passionately support, champion and contribute to the Mozilla project

  • Teams (expertise + regional) across the organization

  • Like-minded communities that have a high affinity for Mozilla and the open web.

  • Community Audiences within Mozilla
    Our beliefs
    In sum
  • Mozilla is a community-driven, participation-based organization that furthers and thrives on individual empowerment.

  • Individuals interested in contributing to Mozilla should feel empowered and easily find information, tools and support to do so.

  • Contribution should be meaningful, impactful and rewarding, as well as fun.

  • What we'll try to do everyday
  • Make it easier for us to to find and communicate with each other.

  • Recruit, mentor and diversify our contributor base, and engage with like-minded communities around the world.

  • Work across teams (regional + expertise) to help bring even more people into the Mozilla community and foster them.

  • Create and update shared resources and tools to make contributing to Mozilla even better. Examples:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Overall: Community is what makes Mozilla special + Mozilla is now massive.

  • Measurement: Fragmented + holistic number not available.

  • Infrastructure:

    • No streamlined communications means.

    • Lack "network," calendar and common toolsets.

  • Health:

    • Hearing about "fatigue" in some communities, especially l10n -- too much to do.

    • Lots of new energy in emerging ones.

    • Frustration over lack of support & resources.

    Goal for 2011

    Foster current community + grow, grow, grow!

    How do we do this?
    Three Main Programs
  • Infrastructure + foundational blocks

    • Communications

    • Phonebook

    • Get Involved/Community Page

    • Mozilla Reps

  • Mozilla Local

    • Mozilla Events

    • Mozilla Spaces

    • Regional community building + support

  • Curriculum

    • Contributing 101

    • Working with contributors 101

    A closer look...

    Create a directory of active community members

    Add your information, learn more about others

    Make Mozilla feel smaller and more understandable

    More information on wiki

    Get Involved Evolved

    Lots of good ideas for how to make getting involved easier and better

    Phase in a steady series of improvements for

    For example, regional pages to promote local activities

    More ideas on the wiki

    about:mozilla newsletter
  • Taking over as main communications channel

  • Available via email (sign up here) or online.

  • Submit stories to about-mozilla[at]

  • Mozilla Representatives (ReMo)
    A global network of official Mozilla volunteer representatives whose responsibilities are to:
  • Engage with, recruit and support new Mozilla contributors.

  • Mentor future Mozilla Reps.

  • A shared set of tools and incentives that can be leveraged by all contributors.

  • Note: Student Reps will become part of this program.

    Let's keep the discussion going...
    How to stay involved:
  • Forum/Mailing list coming

  • #mozillians on

  • Feedback:

  • More town halls: Asia and Europe/Africa